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Despite no longer being in-network with any health insurance, I remain committed to providing outstanding neuropsychological and psychological services and delivering the highest quality care by tailoring assessments and treatments to each patient's unique needs.

I certainly understand and respect that most clients prefer to use their health insurance benefits for which they have worked hard. However, for those who may consider self-pay, here are some benefits:

(1)    Faster access to care: waiting time for my appointments is a few weeks.

(2}    Customized appointments: flexibility in scheduling appointments based on client's specific scheduling needs.

(3)    Accessibility and availability: availability for urgent concerns beyond office hours in-person or via telehealth.

(4)    Upfront and transparent pricing: the price I set for a comprehensive Neuropsyhological Evaluation is $1,200. This price includes: the initial clinical interview, tests administration, scoring, interpretation, written report, and the final feedback session to comments results, for a total of about 4-5 hours face to face with the patient and about 4 hours of work on my part without the patient present. The price for a psychotherapy session is $200.

(5)    Flexible payments: I offer the possibility to pay in 2 or more monthly installments, if requested.

(6)    Enhanced privacy and confidentiality: because self-pay services involve fewer administrative processes, there is increased privacy and confidentiality for those patients who prefer to keep their neuropsychological/psychological information more secure.

(7)    No insurance hassles: no waist time on pre-authorizations, unexpected co-pays and deductibles, denials, and such.


(8)    More time to focus on preventive care: without the constraints imposed by health insurance plans, I have more time to focus on prevention interventions, education and support of the client and his/her family, search of tailored community resources to promote long-term health.

(9)   More time for Coordination of Care: I strongly believe in the importance of collaborating with primary care doctors/specialists, upon patient's request, to truly pursue interdisciplinary collaboration, an essential component of the client-centered approach in medicine.

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