Join this monthly support group to work on coping strategies to deal with old and new interpersonal relationships.

Three months commitment.

Engage in specialized cognitive training to compensate for deficits in attention, memory, executive functioning, and visuo-spatial functioning caused by an acquired brain injury.  Helps with maximizing safety, daily functioning, independence, and quality of life.

Benefits include:
•  Improved Memory and Concentration
•  Improved Communication Skills
•  Learning Coping & Self-Care Strategies
•  Managing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
•  Improved Quality of Life and Independence


Educational Groups

Psychological Assessment

Better Sleep

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​​​Support Groups

Cognitive Rehabilitation

You will experience life enhancing activities that promote a better quality of life. 

Each meeting, one of the following topics will be presented and discussed:
Building Your Cognitive Reserve
Good Stress, Bad Stress
The Incredible Benefits of Physical Exercise
Laughter Matters


Hands on Your Mental Care!

Learn how to take control of your life and to respond to stressful  situations effectively

•  Depression and Anxiety disorders
•  Adjustment disorders

Individual Psychotherapy

•  Memory loss
•  Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
•  Age-related cognitive changes
•  Stroke

•  Traumatic Brain Injury

Mourning Unhealthy Relationships


•  Pre-surgery evaluations of bariatric surgery candidates and Spinal cord stimulator trial 


Please, call our office for insurance verification benefits.  

Fees are to be paid at the time that services are provided.

Payments are accepted in the form of cash, check, and major cards.

Fun mental exercises, memory booster, laughter, & discussions on preventative mental health care. 

Come and enjoy these educational and fun meetings!

Each session is unique and revolving around a main theme. So you can attend only one or as many as you want!


Unhealthy relationships with family members or friends can be profoundly hurtful. It can be helpful  to reach out to others with similar experiences, share stories, and build positive relationships.

•  Parkinson’s Disease
•  Epilepsy
•  Brain tumors - Chemobrain
•  Multiple Sclerosis
•  Metabolic Encephalopathy